Akshayakalpa Organic Desi Cow Ghee

Rs. 689.00
Type: A2 Rich

Made using the A2 protein rich, organic milk from Hallikar and Amrutmahal cows, our desi cow ghee is incredibly rich, aromatic and decadent – with just the perfect granular structure to make it truly divine. 

i. Always store in a cool & dry place.

ii. Do not Refrigerate.

iii. Make sure no moisture enters the ghee bottle.

iv. Do not put wet spoons into jar.

Made from Premium, Organic Cow's Milk.

Prepared from organic milk of free roaming, happy cows. Our milk is untouched by hand (to minimize contamination) and is tested over 22 times to ensure purity and quality.

Don't just take our word for it.

The quality of ghee - aroma, color, taste - every thing is the best in the market. For my family we only cook with akshayakalpa ghee.

Sheela Mahendra

It is a very good product and very very near to the taste of my mother's ghee. We have tasted many ghee and even make our own ghee, but this is exactly like the ghee we made !

Bhupinder Singh Rainu

The best part of Akshayakalpa ghee is the aroma !!!

Azma Iqbal

Excellent taste and quality ! I had visited their farms and saw how hygienically they collect their milk. From all products - the ghee is my favorite ! Very yummy !!

Shilpa Kumar