Learn why Organic Matters

Science states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. It changes from one form to another.

At Akshayakalpa, we believe this holds true for the good in the matter too. When your roots are based on something that is elementally good, the end result reflects this wholly.

Soil that is alive and thriving with billions of living organisms at our Akshayakalpa farms is at the beginning of this upward chain of good. It is here we grow nutrient-packed organic fodder – the source of nourishment for our cows – which is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals passed on from the flourishing soil. Chemicals from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used in conventional farming destroy these naturally occurring ecosystems, and in the process reduce the vitality of the soil.

Because the organic fodder grown on our farms is not subjected to artificial fertilizers and pesticides, these elements do not find their way into the diets of the cows and hence, the milk produced has no traces of chemical residue. Albeit a popular belief, cows cannot transform deficient, junk-food diets into clean and healthy milk. Nutritious diets lead to healthy and wholesome milk which brings the good to your family in every drop.

While organic fodder might be at the heart of organic dairy farming, many other factors can influence the purity of milk. Having complete control over the environment, living conditions and well-being of the cows is priority for us.

Cows at Akshayakalpa farms are an extension of the farmers’ family. They are free-roaming and stress-free; have access to food and clean drinking water at all times and live in hygienic conditions – with their own mattress to sleep on! – resulting in milk that is free from contamination and full of naturally occurring good benefits.

The process of milking is automated and is untouched by human hand. A vet-on-call prescribes ayurvedic or homeopathic treatments for ailments and any cows that need anti-biotics are quarantined so their milk is not included as a part of the produce. Because the cows are comfortable in their natural habitat and feel at home, they do not release a stress hormone, giving us fresh and tasty milk devoid of antibiotics and stress hormones.

This means zero outside contamination and 100% accountability for the quality of the milk that makes it to your table.