We Believe in Organic. We Believe in Real

Organic farming seeks to find the delicate balance between agricultural practices and nature, while paying respect to the natural order of the environment.

Our promise to bring you clean nutrition through milk & milk products has lasted 12+ years and is renewed every morning.

Rich, Aromatic & Decadent

Crafted using the A2 protein rich, organic milk from Hallikar and Amrutmahal cows

Organic Desi Cow Ghee

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100% Pure, Authentic & Organic

Made traditionally using malai, from the milk of healthy, free-roaming cows on our very own organic farms. 

Organic Cow Ghee

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Empowering Rural Dairy Farmers

Farmers are at the core of our Akshayakalpa family.

Our initiatives are designed keeping farmer interests in mind, empowering them with technological, financial & academic resources to create wealth-generation opportunities for their families.

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