Learn what makes our ghee truly divine

It all starts with the happiest cows...

We pamper our cows. Instead of being tethered, they roam freely - just as nature intended.

We give our cows the best which is reciprocated in the form of nutritious and wholesome milk – the core of our pure cow ghee!

...consuming nutritious, organic fodder

Grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, our milk is clean and free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, artificial additives or chemical residues.

...creating the purest, best milk in the country

Our milk is untouched by human hand to minimize contamination.

Only after passing 22 stringent quality assessments is it deemed worthy to be the primary ingredient in our ghee.

...which is used to make our delicious, decadent organic ghee.

The quality of any ghee is a function of the milk used to prepare the ghee.

Milk as nature intended it to be is used to craft ghee that we’re proud to call our own. Our organic ghee is a reverberation of the wholesome and nutritious Akshayakalpa Organic milk used to craft it.

Honoring age-old, traditional recipes

We believe that nothing can replace tradition - which is why our ghee is prepared the old-fashioned way - from malai (butter)

This results in ghee that's aromatic & daanedaar - just like homemade ghee !

...while farming sustainably for the future

We are concerned with protecting the environment & creating a positive impact that future generations can enjoy. As a farmer-entrepreneurship initiative, we are focused on empowering our farmers & making them self reliant.

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