Ghee: A dollop of good health this winter!

Ghee: A dollop of good health this winter!

Ghee: A dollop of good health this winter!

Ghee originated in ancient India centuries ago and has since been used in most Indian households for a variety of purposes. Ayurveda has lauded this golden liquid for its versatile medicinal properties. Unlike cooking oil, ghee is all-natural and rich in saturated fatty acids – it can be heated to high temperatures without the nutrients getting damaged – making it an ideal cooking medium for a healthy and wholesome diet.

Over the years, ghee has become an integral part of the winter checklist – right alongside sweaters, blankets, and our grandmother’s stories. While it is included in many traditional winter recipes, its benefits are rooted in science. Ghee helps you generate more body heat, preparing you for the cold months from within. It also has other amazing benefits to keep the body healthy and lively in winter that go beyond just your taste buds:

– Nutrient-dense source of energy: During winter, the body burns more calories to stay warm. Ghee is a powerhouse of good fatty acids which are high in nutrient content and provide a much-needed energy boost during these sluggish months.

– Immunity boost: Respiratory ailments like cold and cough are common in winter. Regular consumption of ghee improves your natural immunity, helping your body fight these infections.

– Supports metabolism: Ghee aids in lowering inflammation and improving the digestive system. Daily consumption of ghee (in moderation, of course!) can assist in weight loss and maintaining a healthy gut.

– Rich in vitamins and minerals: One tablespoon of ghee has 8% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin A, 2% of vitamin E, and 1% of vitamin K. This promotes healthy eyesight and muscles.

– Source of omega-3 fatty acids: Ghee is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for your well-being. They help memory and heart function and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

– Helps heal dry skin: In winters, our skin turns dry due to lower moisture levels in the air. Application of ghee can help heal dry, chapped lips and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. It also keeps joints healthy by providing the required lubrication.

The art of making mouth-watering, aromatic ghee is a tradition as old as time! Milk is churned to butter, which is then cooked to make ghee. Because this is an easy process, the quality of ghee depends on the quality of the ingredients used. Ghee that is made from pure and fresh organic milk is far superior in taste, nutrients, and benefits compared to ghee made with conventional milk. Commercially manufactured ghee is often subjected to adulteration with coconut or almond oil and hydrogenated oils like vanaspati which put the consumer’s health at risk.

Akshayakalpa Organic Ghee is crafted from Akshayakalpa Organic milk, sourced from our own 100% organic farms. Organic fodder is the main source of nourishment for the cows at the Akshayakalpa farms. Free-roaming, happy and healthy cows produce milk that is not only free from artificial additives, pesticides, antibiotics, and chemicals but also full of naturally occurring good benefits. This wholesome goodness is passed onto our ghee and makes it nutritious, pure, and aromatic. Our love for the traditional methods of crafting ghee is what gives it the true Akshayakalpa flavor and aroma. Fresh cream is carefully collected from our organic, wholesome milk, and is cultured to enhance its flavor. This is then churned to create healthy, nutritious butter. Like in the olden times, the butter is then painstakingly slow-cooked to perfection – resulting in aromatic ghee that bursts of flavor and has the perfect granular texture. The traditional methods of preparation maintain all its natural goodness to give you ghee that is pure and wholesome – just like a mother’s love!