Why Natural Honey? 

Honey is a viscous natural substance made from nectar and pollen sourced from thousands of pollinating flowers and collected by bees. This natural sweetener could have a positive effect on your glycemic index. Honey can be sourced broadly as ‘raw’ and as ‘processed/commercial’. Commercial honey is heat-treated for uniformity and has the risk of added sugars for color, taste, and consistency. Conversely, raw honey is unprocessed and retains all the essential micronutrients that aid in boosting immunity and cell regeneration. It differs in taste and color from bottle to bottle.

Why Akshayakalpa Multifloral Raw Honey? 

Since Akshayakalpa Multifloral honey is raw and completely natural, all the essential nutrients in the honey such as antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals are preserved. It is not treated with heat, chemicals, or added sugars.

This honey is produced using the ethical ways of beekeeping that conserve flora & fauna as well as protect the bee population from the exploitation of commercial honey production. The bees are not overworked, nor treated with harmful medication, starved and/or fed sugar water. Their hives are not destroyed while extraction of honey. Akshayakalpa Multifloral Raw Honey is thus pure, natural, and most importantly, ethical.